Celebrating a Record-Breaking Year at the Annual Medal of Valor Ceremony

Celebrating a Record-Breaking Year at the Annual Medal of Valor Ceremony

The Orange County Sheriff’s Advisory Council (OCSAC) recently hosted its annual Medal of Valor event at the Anaheim Hilton, marking a monumental achievement in community support and fundraising efforts. The event, held on April 25, 2024, celebrated the bravery and dedication of our local law enforcement officers and raised over $250,000 to support critical public safety initiatives.

This year’s gala was a testament to the power of community unity and appreciation for those who tirelessly uphold the safety of Orange County. The funds raised will be instrumental in enhancing officer training programs, procuring advanced safety equipment, and bolstering community outreach initiatives. This significant investment will directly contribute to a safer environment for all, underlining the tangible impact of our collective efforts.

The highlight of the evening was the award ceremony, where several deputies were recognized for their extraordinary bravery and heroism. Their personal stories, filled with sacrifice and dedication, resonated deeply with all in attendance, serving as a powerful reminder of the commitment and courage of our law enforcement officers, who are an integral part of our community.

The success of this year’s Medal of Valor event underscores the strength and unity of our community. The substantial amount raised will play a vital role in supporting the mission of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, providing our deputies with the necessary resources to perform their duties safely and effectively.

We extend our deepest thanks to everyone involved in this significant event, from our generous sponsors and dedicated community members to the courageous individuals recognized at the ceremony. Your participation and contributions have profoundly impacted public safety in Orange County.

We invite you to be part of our future events and contribute to our mission. For more information about how you can support us, please explore our website or contact Maribel Marroquin-Waldram.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Advisory Council remains dedicated to enhancing public safety and fostering community partnerships. Your continued support through fundraising, public advocacy, and participation in programs aimed at improving law enforcement efficiency is crucial in maintaining the safety and security of our community. We need you in this ongoing mission.

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